Small Pomegranate Earrings

Small Pomegranate Earrings

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Introducing to you, the updated Sm Pomegranate Earrings! 

The front of each earring is hand painted to resemble a pomegranate which has been opened, revealing the jewel like fruit inside. The backs are painted to resemble the peel of the fruit. Hues of deep red, yellow, cream, brown, and black were used.

Each pair measures just under two inches from hook to bottom of earrings, and a little under 1 inch wide.

Luna Sangre jewelry is handcrafted of sturdy canvas which is sewn together, hand painted, and finished with a clear gloss varnish to protect the image.

Earrings are individually hand painted and may vary from the picture. Made to order shipping times for this pair is 1-2 weeks.